ESCAPE LAS VEGAS (Hackers Spying on Us)


After Chad Wild Clay made “They Are STEALING YouTuber’s Identities”, Vy Qwaint created “HACKERS ARE BACK!”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “LAST TO FALL ASLEEP OVERNIGHT WINS BUT AT 3 AM…”, a black Tesla was parked outside our safe house. It was full of prisoners who escaped from jail. They wear hacker masks now. They are just wannabe Project Zorgo members led by ex-FBI Agent Peters. They want the hard drive full of our YouTuber friend’s identities! They’re stealing them and are targeting the big YouTube event in Texas full of YouTubers! We come up with a plan. We have to get to Texas without the hackers following us! Melvin and Alie create a fake decoy and have the hackers follow them. Meanwhile, Chad and Vy will disguise the Tesla and go undercover with the real hard drive and go to Texas! Maybe they’ll go to the airport first and fly on a plane. I hope there’s no battle royales or the hackers find out and chase us! We need to save YouTube! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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  4. Are your vids scripted because i have a few questions?

    1. When you are fighting how are you guys not getting hurt?
    2. Why do you guys always look into the camera when you are talking even when talking to someone? Like the part where Vy was trapped in Daniel and Melvin's room and when Daniel was talking to Melvin
    3. Why are the people that you guys meet always have masks, glasses and wigs?
    4. How is Vy talking to Chad if the Bathroom is far to Daniel and Melvin's Room?


  5. Tornados are in Texas Spy Ninjas.I'm not being rude to you but I'm warning you.Bye Spy Ninjas <3 ❤Chad 💖Vy 💙Daniel 💛Regina 💚Melvin 💜Alie

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