Elon Musk's Las Vegas Loop Explained

Is Elon Musk’s new Tesla tunnel system in Las Vegas a sign of where inner-city travel is heading or a colourful gimmick? For more by Tomorrow’s Build subscribe now – https://bit.ly/3vOOJ98

Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills
Producer – Adam Savage
Video Editing and Graphics – James Durkin

Additional footage and images courtesy of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Consumer Technology Association, Informa Markets, Las Vegas News Bureau, Mark Damon, Sam Morris, Steve Jurvetson/CC BY 2.0, The Boring Company and OpenStreetMap Contributers (https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright).

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  1. It's a Tesla Vien project with 0.1% proper value and even less in terms of capacity and overall city wide usage… I don't understand how no one is considering the fact it's a way worst version of a normal underground rail

  2. Why couldn’t they just make their monorail cheaper and expanded it to the airport? I mean the loop is kinda cool but it’s too small! And how will you make it ADA complaint?

  3. this is a slap in face of urban engineering 🙂 who ever though this out was not only completely out of touch with reality, but also had no idea how transportation works. A typical millennial solution – total pile excrement of wrapped in words that none understands. Typical boring company project and waste of funds

  4. In Europe we call this transport system "Metro". There are only a few differences: Several cars are attached to each other and there is only one drive unit and one driver at the front. But if someone wants to try a Tesla for small money, using the loop will be a good thing. 😂

  5. It is just taxis in a tunnel, with disco lights. The carrying capacity is tiny. It only makes sense if you hate railways in any form (Musk is obsessed against them) and hate sharing space with anyone else (except a taxi driver). You will need some corrupt city governors to accept a transport system with so many safety issues. The Loop falls far short of required standards for either road or rail in the UK, and I guess most "civilised" places.

  6. LV is known for flash floods, I’m curious about the infrastructure to keep water out.

    Also, this just seems like a way for tesla to sell cars 🙁 I’m sure theres a better way than using individual teslas.

  7. Let them build tunnels. If the tunnels pay for the investment that was was made – great. If they don't… companies fail. So what. People who want to pay for it will decide if the value is high enough for the cost

  8. Most inefficient thing I have ever seen. How on earth does elon think this is a good idea? I swear americans are so obsessed with cars that one day we will be driving them through grocery store aisles and calling it revolutionary shopping infrastructure.

  9. when we get to the point where we can replace the Tesla 3s with Tesla Trams that hold 50 people at a clip and AI that allows them to go faster – these little bypasses will be a godsend.

  10. Dont want to rain on the parade of this awesome system (irony), but in 1975 Siemens built overhead railway systems on their factory ground that were electric and are today connecting parts of the University of Düsseldorf without having the need of a driver. That is nearly 50 years ago. Today, in Las Vegas a company digs a tunnel and puts cars inside it. Brilliant.

  11. I think "induced demand" won't come up in this plan . it'll just be a new freeway but underground and for teslas only . and the more teslas there are , the more busy the tunnels are , therefore traffic in the tunnel would get as congested as the normal roads above ground . i think a conventional metro system like the ones in europe might be better off instead , but with Elon , it could be more modern and with more stops and more routes along the metro route

  12. "Trying something that hasn't been done before." That couldn't be further than the truth. Elon Musk just re-invents stuff that already exists, but worse and with Gamer Lights.

  13. Hopefully this is exclusive for the convention center, and there will be a more effective mode of transport.

    Busses would be a more appropriate alternative to trains. Having a network of autonomous busses to transport people to a specific destination from any station would be a huge timesaver as apposed to having hundreds of people in a train waiting several stops to get to one station. Not to mention that creating a Tesla Bus would introduce a new mode of revenue for cities in savings and Tesla themselves.

    Combine this with autonomous cars for privacy at a bit of a higher price for those who need it, and you have yourself a solid system that generates a good profit and allows for a cushy mode of transportation, and that's something people like.

    If you're ambitious, you can build them in conjunction to an electric train system to get you to other cities, maybe even farther. We all know plane companies wouldn't like this, but a system which allows you to easily cross over state or province lines at reasonable speeds would be significantly better than a passenger airplane. You'd still have them for traveling intercontinentally, but then that frees up the sky for large, autonomous delivery planes hauling cargo to airports for distribution. And if a company were to, say, build an efficient electric jet engine, they can retrofit them to existing planes. It's a scary idea that many would be skeptical over, though, so that's a bridge we'll cross when we get to it.

    I think if we expand on this system, we can salvage the idea and create something incredible. Plus it buys us a few years before we all suffocate from a lack of breathable air…

  14. Trains and subways are for the poor, when you go to Vegas you're a rich one like everyone else there duh. that's why "his idea" was given the go ahead, people seem to miss the obvious.

  15. I love most things about Musk and his ideas are usually great. But I am totally dumbfounded by this. Surely (I know so) there's better, cheaper, more efficient ways of moving people from A to B? It just seems too much like a Vanity project than an actual solution to a problem. I mean, what happens in the future when there are less/no traffic problems because all cars are autonomous?

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