Elon Musk's Boring Company Tunnel From Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets one step closer to achieving his planned ‘Vegas Loop’, which would see much of the city accessible by underground electric Tesla shuttles.

The Elon Musk company The Boring Company has just completed the construction of the second tunnel in Las Vegas, just under 3 months after the completion of the first. If everything goes as planned, it should open to the public next January at CES 2021.

When the project is completed, these tunnels will transport visitors from one end to the other of the Convention Center. Tesla electric vehicles, the Model 3s and Xs, as well as a tram made from the Model 3, will serve as shuttles and make a journey which today takes 15 minutes on foot in just 2 minutes. Ultimately, these vehicles will follow the lines and sensors located in tunnels to move, but it is a driver who will drive at the launch of the system, told The Verge Steve Hill, President and CEO LVCVA.

The next stage for these tunnels would be linking the Las Vegas project up with the existing tunnels in Los Angeles, meaning a normal journey of around four to five hours by car, could take under two hours with little-to-no carbon emissions.


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Euronews https://www.euronews.com/living/2020/06/10/elon-musk-s-47m-underground-tunnels-will-be-used-for-electric-cars



  1. Does anyone understand what is happening here! No one on the planet is ever able to do this, you need to understand why he is allowed to tunnel like this under our major cities!
    Try starting a company that wants to make tunnels under any city as an experiment or as a viable plan! I guarantee you will never ever be able to do this ever and if so never this quickly!
    He is a part of other shit you do not understand!
    Seriously try and set up a tunnel company and do what he’s doing you will be shit down before your mouth can speak the idea of it!

    People of the world think about this! We are being lied to and deceived again and again!
    Go through history and see what happened to people that tried things like this or try it yourself and see!

  2. Браво Маск ! Но расслабляться рано. Тоннели, спутники, Луна, Марс- это только первый этап.

    Второй этап должен быть общенародным – это пневмодоставка продуктов питания из магазинов и ферм напрямую. Питьевой воды из источников. Под заказ. Миллионам людей.Практически мгновенно.
    И третий этап. Переработка отходов. Электрометаллургия. Получаем качественный дешёвый металл, плюс тяжёлый шлак, как добавка для изготовления прочных кирпечей из пород бурения , а также укрепления дорожного полотна, береговой линии океанов, отсыпки плотин и островов. В дуговых печах шлак идёт в те же кирпичи "Лего". Удачи тебе дорогой Маск!

  3. Is traffic BETWEEN Las Vegas and LA that bad that it would warrant this tunnel? Also unless you have many, many entrancesexits at different points you would have major bottlenecks that would create major jam ups – how do you work around this?

  4. Hear is a questing to through out there. What else could these tunnels be used for others than moving traffic that could generate cash and interest.?????? Could they be used to store huge batteries, whether they are flow battery’s or standard batteries or molten salts Etc. Could he use these tunnels or hole depending on tunnels been vertical or horizontal to generate electric in some way.
    What else could these tunnels be used for that could be revaluation in someway unthought that has been missed until now.

  5. We are expecting 50% job losses over the next fifteen years on a global scale due to automation so more people will work from home, especially with starlink providing everyone on the plant with fast broadband by the end of 2021, and with robotaxis there will be fewer cars on the road.

  6. Torque News – Planes can carry over 100 People at a Time, but there are DELAYS to get through SECURITY and the Planes ONLY leave every Hour (Southwest) , the LOOP can Transport 16 People , with NO SECURITY Screening , and leaves in Seconds and DWELL Times at a station are Less than 1 Minute, to offload Passangers and to Load Passangers.
    BEST way is for TESLA to Design a TWO Sided POD for FAST Boarding and offboarding of Passangers, and a TWO Sided Station with PODS in Between.
    the LOOP will provide only LOCAL service and will Compete with Taxi, Uber & Lyft, NOT Airlines and LOOP connects to the Airport.
    you cant take a PLANE from the Airport to the Convention center.
    Aircraft fly less than the Speed of Sound, and is FASTER than ANY Train or LOOP Tunnel.
    the ONLY thing that is FASTER than a Aircraft are HYPERLOOP Tunnels with PODS, and they are Being Constructed in DUBAI.
    however, a Electric High Speed Rail or MAGLEV would be GOOD for Las Vegas too.
    I see LV to LA or LV to SFO would work for High Speed Rail.

  7. Torque News – In Answer to your Question , can the Boring Tunnels be Built in Europe ?
    the Answer is, YES. but , the LOOP Tunnels will NOT ALLOW ANY ICEV, Hybrids or FCV .
    because IF just one FCV explodes or has a FIRE, then ALL will die, there is NOWHERE to Escape to.
    same goes for ICEV, a Combustion car spews TOXIC fumes and Emissions , not to mention CARBON DIOXIDE, which can KILL people. and there are over 90,000 car fires in the world each year. with NOWHERE to Escape to, they are all DEAD.
    and the FIRE BRIGADE cannot drive a FIRE Truck up a LOOP Tunnel.
    same goes for Hybrids/PHEV , they are also Combustion vehicles and have Tailpipe Emissions, and have FIRES.
    so, Boring Tunnels are Possible , but #1 – they need to be ONLY for Electric cars , #2 – IF they want to go FAST, then the Electric cars NEED to have AUTOPILOT and FSD, other than TESLA , no one has.
    #3 – ICEV are NOT Reliable, break down all the Time , and have car FIRES every day.

  8. Torque News – the Boring Co LOOP Tunnels will NOT Permit just any cars to use it.
    in FACT , in the Beginning ONLY Tesla Vehicles will be allowed to Access the LOOP Tunnels.
    #1 – because all TESLA vehicles are 100% Electric .

    #2 – because ALL Tesla vehicles have built in AUTOPILOT and FSD Hardware .

    #3 – because ALL Tesla vehicles with HW3 , have L4 Autopilot and FSD.

    in FACT , all ICEV, Hybrids and FCV will be BANNED from using the LOOP Tunnels.

    as YOU correctly mentioned , Tesla will build the TESLA VAN or TESLA POD to use in LOOP Tunnels.

  9. Torque FAKE news – you are FAKE NEWS , Elon Musk and the Boring Company are NOT Developing Flying cars.
    in FACT , ELON thinks flying cars are a WASTE OF TIME , and we WONT see ANY Profitable Flying car company ANYTIME soon.
    Furthermore, when ELON is Talking about a 3D system for the Boring Company , he means that the Boring Co will DIG a 3D Network of Tunnels under Las Vegas. as there is NO LIMIT how deep they can DIG.
    for NOW however, the Boring co only has the one Bi-Directional Tunnels under the Convention Center, and Boring co applied to have it Extended. in the future Boring Co can add Multiple layers of Tunnels going in Various Directions.

  10. After reading some of these comments, it's a little disheartening how many people are against the advancement of technology that will not only make our lives better, but also makes Earth better in general.

  11. Why not just build a high speed rail tunnel from downtown LA to Vegas. It'd be a lot more efficient and could carry a lot more people. Maybe 50,000 people a day each way with N700's leaving every 10 minutes with a 500 person capacity in each train. If they had 16 car trains and lower frequencies they could move even more country.

  12. These tunnels seem pretty cool. They are, however, a perfect set up for terrorism. Can u explain what they do with the material that is bored through? Do they ever hit water? How deep is the average tunnel? Are they going to have multiple tunnels say for the Vegas strip? It would be very time consuming for someone to stop at every stop on the way to the airport.

  13. Many of the world don't have our (So Calif.) earthquake issues 🙁.

    The train or speedrail has been in discussion since the 90s. I would love to take a speed train or car to vegas. Many of us do the drive and it's not a big deal.

    It's clear the State of California is too retarded to make a train from Bakersfield to Fresno so this is good news.

  14. I don't think that would be relevant to Europe as our transportation is way more based on public transport and building tunnels to put cars would be way less effective than building tunnels to put metros especially as metros are getting driverless and automated

  15. Yeah an amateur with a used small diameter tunneling machine meant to dig sewer tunnels is going to dig a 250 mile long transportation tunnel network. He most likely hasn't even created a geological study or checked into property ownership and mineral rights.

  16. Hyper loop is above ground. Any if the longer distances is above ground. Tunnels are for heavily populated places with a lot built up that makes above ground transport impossible to build more of.

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