Elon Musk's Boring Company Tunnel From Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets one step closer to achieving his planned ‘Vegas Loop’, which would see much of the city accessible by underground electric Tesla shuttles.

The Elon Musk company The Boring Company has just completed the construction of the second tunnel in Las Vegas, just under 3 months after the completion of the first. If everything goes as planned, it should open to the public next January at CES 2021.

When the project is completed, these tunnels will transport visitors from one end to the other of the Convention Center. Tesla electric vehicles, the Model 3s and Xs, as well as a tram made from the Model 3, will serve as shuttles and make a journey which today takes 15 minutes on foot in just 2 minutes. Ultimately, these vehicles will follow the lines and sensors located in tunnels to move, but it is a driver who will drive at the launch of the system, told The Verge Steve Hill, President and CEO LVCVA.

The next stage for these tunnels would be linking the Las Vegas project up with the existing tunnels in Los Angeles, meaning a normal journey of around four to five hours by car, could take under two hours with little-to-no carbon emissions.


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