Drivers Bet More Than $25,000 In Fierce Las Vegas Street Racing I Street Outlaws: Memphis

The Street Outlaws Memphis crew up the stakes when racing in Las Vegas to earn some money for a driver who crashed their car, staking over $25,000 in head-to-head races.

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  1. Do you see how they were lieing and trying to come up with stuff because she jump because she had no bottle and there plan didn't work ? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  2. Personally would've loved to see a rerun on the first race. Anyone can take a win from the other driver's accident but it takes a big person to give them another chance at it.

  3. Mso chicks talk big game at call outs then cry after a loss. Hate the hand drop for flagging, use a flashlight. JJ a good dude but drives a slow ass truck, needs a better drag car

  4. I'll be honest I didn't care for JJ when I first seen him. I dunno whether it was just those very first episodes from OG Steet Outlaws or what but after he got his own show and the more I see him and his crew I was wrong. He's a great guy, a good friend and a hell of a hustler.

  5. I just wanna go to one race as JJ the boss wing man. This man is awesome. All show with a good soul! I like talking shit too. But man your heart is massive.

  6. Cant understand why JJ is on the light. his TEAM knows when the light is comming. Pay close attention to a couple episodes. They jump perfectly usually. Look at the results when a different guy is on the light

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