Draining Las Vegas: Here is who's using the most water in valley

Top commercial and residential water users in Las Vegas metro area listed as Feds declare water shortage and continue predictions of lower levels at Lake Mead.



  1. There has been cloud seeding to make rain perfected for use since vietnam war and they make it rain on a weekly basis admittedly in United Arab Emiriates. Also there is technology to make it not rain. This is a weather WAR!

  2. Use Fake Grass.. only have real grass at Dog Parks… and network the dog parks in communities. You can save over 70% of water usage by just banning GRASS in front yards in every state that depends on Lake Powell and Mead.

  3. Well I’m saying the United States of America was for the offspring of the founding fathers.. And not for other races and sub races. So Ha! This is what you get for being so diverse..

  4. Isn't it cute how MSM perpetuates class warfare? Most of these people are firmly left of center and I begrudge them nothing. It's actually the morons who use a precious resource to generate power instead of using affordable nuclear energy. Las Vegas uses 1.8% of total water in Lake Mead water. Arizona, California, and Mexico receive the lions share. The only thing this news segment does it point fingers in hopes of creating a diversion from the real problem. The lunatic lefts ability to mismanage nearly every resource they touch and the abysmally ineffective right doing nothing to stop it.

  5. Noticing a lot of dust storms lately. A lot of people hacking and coughing from all the particulates that used to be trapped with irrigated vegetation. Not to mention this vegetation cooling the valley. I wonder what the true impact will be considering increased medical costs from lung damage, shortened lifespan and increased cooling costs (which also uses water).

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