Coach Bisaccia, Carr, Wright and Ngakoue Presser – 1.5.22 | Las Vegas Raiders | NFL

Interim Head Coach Rich Bisaccia, quarterback Derek Carr, linebacker K.J. Wright and defensive end Yannick Ngakoue address the media from Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center.

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  1. Wanna be a Raider? Just show absolutely zero class, drink, kill people, threaten to kill people and make racist emails and you too coudl becoem part of the classy Raiderrs organization. What a frreaking embarrasment. If anyone shows up to route for the Raiders, they only prove they are the scummiest of all sports fans.

  2. I'm a little worried by something Derek said. He talked about how hard it is to get to the NFL and even harder to stay in the NFL. Is he projecting something? Is he hinting at the fact he might be gone after this season? I hope I'm looking to deep into this. I want Carr back!!

  3. Is it me what I heard from Carr is no one cares I think he better change what he said us raider nation does care and those fans go there and watch him cares for sure so I hope I taking this wrong

  4. Min 10:1010:45 awesome answer…. He shared a scripture ( if you a true believer and stand on it you know) and I too stand on that mindset. All things work out for my good NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, Faith 🙌🏽 I really hope we win this Sunday, it'll be a huge deal with how the whole season has gone.

  5. Man! This is what it's about. I think back to when Madden first started, games like this next one were common, we were really monsters on the field! Every year, season after season we kicked azz in big games. I love this sh!t!! RN4L‼️🕳🪦🕳RIP Big John

  6. Let’s goooooo bolts!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Beast Joey Bosa coming for a strip sack this Sunday! Woooop woooooop!

  7. This can possibly be the Cinderella story of the of the year if we can put it together and beat the Chargers on Sunday. Let's get this win! Amazing we have gotten this far this year with the contest adversity on & off field.

  8. The last time we made the playoffs we beat the chargers. Where is Crabtree when we need him? Waller might turn out to not be worth highest paid te, which is what he'll demand. Also hope koonce gets time since herbert will be slinging it.

  9. One game to give it all out on the field we need to win this one to get to the playoffs lets take control of our destiny No penalties no turnovers and stop Herbert and Ekelier make Raidernation proud ☠

  10. This is going to be real interesting.. because the way I see it they should have never let a team like the raiders who believe in winning at all costs by any means necessary or now in Las Vegas and even though they were haters who tried to destroy organization within have the possibility of failing at what they did because of this fact. We are in a city where gambling is legal and now another area has occurred and they have not realized it… Our coach is an Italian!! 😉

  11. Just win 🥇 💪🏽everyone doubting us we need to prove them wrong they always hating on our organization we the underdogs we have to get it together 💪🏽I’m prod for the 3 staring wins we need one more


  13. Our defense must be ready to stop the Chargers on fourth down because the Chargers always go for it on fourth down. R☠️ IDERS DEFENSE: YANNICK NKGOUE, QUINTON JEFFERSON, JOHNATHAN HANKINS, MAXX CROSBY, K.J. WRIGHT, DENZEL PERRYMAN, DIVINE DEABLO, CASEY HAYWARD JR., BRANDON FAYSCON, RODERIC TEAMER, TREVON MOEHRIG. ☠️🏴‍☠️☠️

  14. The Raiders need to play with heart & leave it all on the football field!!! We need to run the hurry up no huddle offense the whole game to get the offense clicking, score more points, &, keep the Chargers defense on there heels!!! Derek Carr needs to be aggressive & take multiple deep shots down the football field looking for touchdowns not field goals!!! GO RAIDERS NATION 4 LIFE!!! ☠️🏴‍☠️☠️

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