BTS PTD Las Vegas Day 3 | Fans stopped throwing things at BTS [Vlog/fancam] FULL CONCERT HD

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  1. Hi, just want to thank you for all the videos of BTS you have here. I enjoy them a lot and I get to watch them from the audience perspective. Though I was not there but you succesfully made me feel like I was there 🙂 I just got to know our BTS this year and though I am way to late (compare with others,) I still catch up the time by watching their previous videos.

  2. I'm old now, but I was a dancer. watching these guys dance and sing, in Vegas, like that, they can sing, and they don't need IV's, after the show??? HOW? They are super human. amazing. Love BTS, Love ARMYS I purple all of you.

  3. gente eu amo esses meninos eles me trouce alegria de voltar a viver me tiraram da depreção , tenho 56 anos e sou uma ARMY jimin jungkook jin RM jhope suga V amo todos incondicionalmente DEUS ABENÇõE SEMPRE todos voces… BTS O BRAZIL TE AMA

  4. Wow, you just earned yourself a new subscriber.. thank you for sharing your experience with us, saranghaeeee…love you dear and borahee

  5. Your ears are so cute! I love that even though the set was the same there was still something different each day. I went on the second day and it was completely worth it! 💜

  6. Can you investigate (?) about bts military gossip(?) , Korean media treat them bad, bts deserve better than this, Even Hybe handle this problem make worst, Hybe only count dollars.

  7. Hello miss. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Not all armys are lucky enough to be there in las vegas or anywhere where bts are having their concert. Your platform allows everyone to be able to see tge actual concert without cuts. I was able to watch online. I paid online streaming @49500 korean won but stil i enjoyed your video more than what i paid for because yours was shot raw. And i saw everything, all the movements on stage. The one i paid for was streamed live but just what the managements cameras are trying to show. I appreciated the black swan more in your video than what i saw on streamed online. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart… really appreciate. Have a healthy life and God bless.

  8. While watching your video, I can help to notice how Suga is becoming more handsome with age, and RM's body being more flexible while performing and Jin more active they were the ones who people considered to be the blank hole in BTS

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