Body cam video shows moment police breached Las Vegas shooter's hotel room: Part 1

One year after the Las Vegas shooting left 58 dead and hundreds injured, survivors, first responders and hotel security describes what happened inside the horrific night of the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre.




  1. Those were some nice fireworks Happy 4th that guy who said that needs a hearing test! Eminem made a Music Video about it. Genius! He should have gotten 100 Awards for it. The name is Darkness what a masterpiece!

  2. Some management and some people are being careless still up to this day….man rent room then bringing in all kinds of suitcases and no one suspected him!
    I hates one things like this happens to innocent people. Serial killers and these kind of psychopaths are diseases to our society and so never be given a second chance, are the results is going to be the same.
    If this man was my father i would've taken him out myself I'm a prime and i don't support and encourage stupid and wickedness from anyone not even my own….I'm a prime…. nemesis prime.

  3. I hope the guy that says it's fire works goes to hell, he could have made some people die if they didnt try to run because they just think its fireworks. If u dont know something for sure dont say it!

  4. If you were truly journalist investigators you would be investigating his trips to suspected arms houses that are held by the ATF and were used for fast and furious the gun smuggling operation. There was also talk of two females that were found in his room on that night and apparently recordings of them talking about them. They have disappeared….

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