Beware of this Las Vegas livestream…

See what’s going on in Las Vegas right now. You won’t believe it…

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  1. Just got back from LV and it was so nice to not worry about the mask police. Stayed at the Cosmo with a fountain view…..Cosmo has the best standard rooms and I highly recommend the studio terrace. Oh, and we did the Lost Spirits distillery tour…..what a blast!

  2. A bit off topic, but just wanted to give a heads up: I am vactioning now in Las Vegas. I have been active gold Mlife with MGM Resorts for a while now. A customer regularly of MGMs for over 20 years. Unfortunately, MGM Rewards is now essentially crap. #1 on the list is the illegal bait and switch MGM resorts international now does during booking. Advertising both resort credit AND freeplay during booking on both the app and the website as well as VOICED OVER THE PHONE to me by a human. Yes, even if we have already pre-booked at another MGM property, with all indications we have done so on their screens. Only to come and find when we have to wait over 30 minutes in their newly reduced understaffed MGM rewards line lanes, after a 30 minute line at check-in after a long flight, if we dare book at more than one hotel from the bait of resort credit and freeplay that is STILL advertised as available, MGM now switches that on us if you stay at a second property and traps the guest into a hotel room without resort credit or freeplay that was advertised WITHOUT CLEARLY INDICATING IT IS NOW ONLY USABLE ONCE PER MONTH! ANYWHERE! #2 Anyone, even braindead, know guests make their vacation expenditures AROUND the resort credit and freeplay. This goes for ALL resort brands (this is not a problem at Caesars)! Especially being able to use comps upon first visit to a resort location at EACH location with 72 hours between where we might change hotels or do things off strip.. you know, like a vacation. These comps offset the expenditures made to get here. I have nearly NO incentive to fly back. Nor will many others. Those comps make spending the $600+ on plane tickets, parking, resort fees, etc. more worthwhile. #3 Now not only does MGM lose my gaming dollars, of which I regularly spend thousands, but because it has decided to treat its guests progressively worse, its gaming machines even harder to win anything (A very clear difference these last few years even just before covid at all MGM properties), and now with the same $5000 bankroll I just dropped in slots, I only have about 40k points instead of the 80k I had last year (August) spending the same amount! I also got better points from other purchases that now are nearly worthless to even bother having my card scanned for or charge to room. Making it even harder to even maintain gold status let alone work toward platinum.

    I feel so undervalued, saddened and abused. It is a lot less worthwhile to vacation here.

    Likely this will also need to result in class action as well because this IS a clear bait and switch tactic that is absolutely illegal. And no, none of their terms and conditions mention anything about a booking being only able to be used once per month. Anywhere.

    We have been doing this for years, and yes the app and website is very aware because after 2 or 3 bookings the comps stop being shown as available. So this isn't something accidental.

  3. Finally… NO MASKS!!!!! I will attempt to return to LV after two years. I refuse to mask up over a flu virus. I had Covid twice. 1st version was miserable, but what bad flus aren’t? Great work Pompsie! New fan from San Diego. Keep up the great work big dog👏🤞🎰🇺🇸

  4. Thanks for the hard work for your followers.I walked from the Peppermill to The Flamingo and back without holding a camera and I was exhausted.I am an older guy but still I don’t know how you do it but keep doing it. Thanks.

  5. I notice that more and more casinos are not hassling you when you do live streams… seems that the casinos have realized the value of letting you showcase their hotels and casinos on YouTube, Instagrams, etc…

  6. Hi Pompsie and Greta…, Excellent video, and I hope you do one for "St. Patrick's Day" on Thursday, March 17th… * Maybe…, Downtown Las Vegas on the ( Fremont Street Experience )… It should be very interesting… Thank you for sharing the video…, Livestream… Michael Sean O'Brien in Montana P.S.: "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to you both and your fans… 🙂

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