Beware of Circus Circus in Las Vegas. 🤡

Watch this before you stay at Circus Circus hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

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  1. Bruh, My 1st Las Vegas visit I stated circus circus and I did not even have a clue of the level of infamy this place has on it. Now I come here every few weeks for work and I know if I'm looking for something seedy, sleazy or sketch I'll find it at circus circus

  2. Was just there on a walk through. Nice place to socialize. Definitely put it on the "To See" list. A lot families with kids. "Next door" is Resorts World, so yea if you check them out- check Circus out. Drop a dollar in a slot at least.

  3. First time I went to Vegas that’s where I stayed $23 a night was so cheap but I ate at a pretty good restaurant won $900 on a slot and during the day I walked from there down the entire Las Vegas strip to check out all the other hotels and took a cab back dropped me right in front there because it got dark and I was on my trip alone it’s a pretty shady area at night no walking in the night sky for me

  4. I got robbed by house keeping, they just claim your stuff was accidentally thrown away and there’s nothing they can do and they give you number to call but they don’t call u back you can leave as many voicemails as u want lol 😂

  5. Came here as a kid and remember going into a wrong room and stole some candy. Saw someone on the bed and tried to wake him up. He didn't respond and my cousins and I booked it out the room. We still think it's a dead body, but we were just kids.

    This place was great back then. They should have renovated it more. It still has a lot of potential. Just upgrade the rooms especially…

  6. Last time I was there was 20 yrs ago. Have no intentions of returning to Vegas. I like my mountains better and it's free. I gamble on fishing and hiking in the wilderness. Just me.

  7. I remember staying at Circus Circus in 2007. It didn't quite look the same in some areas. Even back then I thought staying there was a little risky, it didn't look clean enough to me. Brought back memories tho thanks for the vid😁
    I'm scrolling through YouTube and found your channel. You seem interesting, I'll give you a shot and give you a like and subscribe to😃 because I want to 👍🏼
    Have a nice weekend Pompsie. Are you from Reno ?

  8. If Ur in Ur 50s? than you may remember the James Bond flick "Diamonds Are Forever" the movie takes place in early 70s Vegas. There was a scene at Circus Circus when it was clean, fun and full of kids having the time of their life as Dad was playing poker and mom was playing slots or blackjack.
    If you did see the JB movie back then? Than you may remember wanting to go to Circus Circus more than any other family park Except!!! Disneyland.

    I must be honest, I grew up in Southern California (City of Pasadena) when California was a clean, family, affordable and patriotic state to live in. So going to Vegas Or Disneyland was a bit easier to go to than families from out of state. That's when I was 12 years old and would NEVER think of leaving California. In 2014, I couldn't get OUT of California fast enough. But I am praying the people still stuck in Cali, but able to see the criminal activity by Nancy Pelosi and her son in-law Gavin Newsom and RECALL HIS HYPOCRITICAL NON-MASK WEARING ASS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!
    I will never go silent till ALL career politicians are voted OUT of office. Obama's birthday party (70 caterers & servers, with over 300 guests actors & politicians) last month at his $14 million dollar estate in The Hamptons and ZERO guests or caterers wore masks. Nancy Pelosi hosted a $29K dollar a plate fundraiser at her Napa Valley estate and ZERO guests or caters wore masks
    There is NO excuse, absolutely ZERO excuse on why they feel they are the enlightened ones and we are less than zero.

    #RecallGavinNow #DemocratRulesForTheeButNotForMe #DemocratTyrants #DoNothingRepublicanRinosStepDownNow #SaveTheInnocentLeftBehindInAfghanistan #LeaveNoManWomanBehind

  9. The Hubbs and I were married at Circus Circus in 95’. It was still really nice back then. We recently decided to go check it out again and I was completely shocked. I couldn’t believe how run down and dirty it had become. Also, the people hanging out in and around the casino were sketchy, at best. Probably won’t go back until something new goes in. ☹️

  10. Circus circus is okay not all that , older men kept staring at me up and down and one old man try to follow me and my sister and my 9 month old nephew ! Creeper man ! But it was an okay hotel for me !

  11. Circus circus is okay not all that , older men kept staring at me up and down and one old man try to follow me and my sister and my 9 month old nephew ! Creeper man ! But it was okay !

  12. Staying there as i write this😂. It’s not that bad. There is actually a good amount of people staying here now. It is my first time in vegas and after visiting a few other hotels this one can definitely do with some upgrades. So far it has been a good experience though. I see a lot of comments talking about a smell. It doesn’t smell any different from any other casino I’ve been in so far. Guess they addressed the issue🤷🏽‍♂️.

  13. Circus circus was my first vegas experience at 11 yrs old. It felt like paradise. I had rolls of quarters and played all night like I was on the slot machines. All the adults were casino hopping. Fun times

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