1. Yes, they are beautiful, and yes ,y can catch an STD from them. And these STDs have not gone anywhere. And if you lay down with them, they will give you an STD that you wont get rid of. A lot of these street walkers dont bathe.so , if you go out there on the streets of California, and you encounter them, you BETTER get away from them as fast as you can!

  2. Why do I get the vibe, from this vid, that the FINEST ones are too proud to admit they're hoes enough to pull up on you, but the yucky holey-moleys who step out of a pothole in the street chase the cars down?
    Asking for a hookers bff…

  3. I see a lot of fast food and alcohol stores, and most of the girls appear to be well-fed from both sources. But seriously who is that hard-up to pay for sex with these skanks?

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