1. Been living in Vegas the last 6 years and I鈥檝e noticed here that when light turns red 3 or 4 cars usually still proceeds and ignores the red light all over the valley it鈥檚 quiet scary tbh rip to the 7 family 馃檹馃徑

  2. This almost sounds like a Suicide (via MVA).
    Idk…I just get that feeling…..
    People gamble away all their money and/or are in Debt to someone who might be dangerous…….
    This happened in Las Vegas after all…
    RIP to all of the Victims馃挃

  3. The black guy that caused this accident had a long criminal record and many traffic citations for speeding. He should have not had a driver's license.

  4. What an EVIL, selfish, ignorant person driving the dodge challenger. Thier death was a result of karma unfortunately they took a bunch of innocent people with them. Absolutely VILE.

  5. I wonder if their were anyone who was a wissle blower in that group? 馃 we know that these modern cars can be hacked just like a computer.

  6. Tragic. I notice that the NTSB did an investigation. My question is, why wasn't there any investigation into the plane crash that killed Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota in 2002 by the NTSB? I can only guess that there was a cover-up regarding as to what really happened. NTSB, when asked, stated that it wasn't a 'high profile' case. A death of a U.S. senator not high profile? Since when?

  7. This is so infuriating. All this idiot had to do if he wanted to have a little fun is take Highway 95 going northwest. Within five minutes you won't even be able to see the city in your rear-view mirror. Then you can have all the fun you want, because there will be almost nobody on the road with you. If it sounds like I'm speaking from experience, it's because I am. Yet this idiot decided it was better to speed and disregard traffic signals on a city street. Smh…

  8. When is operating a motor vehicle going to be considered peoples top safety priority? There are too many stupid drivers. I encounter them on a daily basis and it鈥檚 driving me insane!!!! No pun intended

  9. Speeding MUSCLE CAR (assault vehicle) runs red light – kills NINE PEOPLE!!

    Why do we tolerate cars designed for killing? And why do we tolerate speeders and red light runners.? Americans have been brainwashed by the evil fake news press into thinking highway homicide is ok but gun deaths are horrible.

  10. When you have a brain, but don't use it……much of humanity doesn't use their brain. Embarrassing …no wonder we are an existential threat to ourselves….no morals….character flaws etc…

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