American Justice: How the Mob Tried to Control Las Vegas – Full Episode (S2, E7) | A&E

Learn how organized crime has tried to control Las Vegas gambling in Season 2, Episode 7.


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“American Justice” looks at notable criminal justice cases in the United States from the perspective of the police, lawyers, victims, and perpetrators involved.

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  1. TRIED? are you seriously serious? Lmao 😝, the mob controls Vegas ….and anything that has to do with gambling anywhere in the USA… who you think is opening casinos left and right? Santa Claus 🧑‍🎄….?

  2. Lanskey was the brains and he warned his long time friend but he thought Lanskey would pertect him forever but he spoke about how loyal his friend has been but he knew they were going to kill him because it was taking more money and more money and they had enough and Lanskey would not vote for his killing but he knew that the rest did but what could he do, u can't warn him. He already had and said u had a month and we know what happened. This woman just knew what we all knew because if she was involved she be dead just like Bug, girls had no meaning for a mob member and believe me she didn't have a clue who or what Bug was doing wrong and was shocked as everyone else but she can tell a story but we all could tell u what she said, like I said she never would be sitting there talking if she really knew and what she claimed she knew. Mob members don't tell their women anything about their life, secret life and I guess she thinks we don't know that. Like the so called mob expert, what did he say, he or nobody knew who took over after Bugs became nobody who's not in the life isn't supposed to know and they don't. They all just learn as we do and if u ant in the mob talking, why and u even saying anything about something u wasn't in. Just story tellers

  3. Kennedy didn’t know that his father had made a deal with the mob to get the unions to go for Jack for president. A move that would eventually get Jack and Bobby murdered.! And also involve the us government intelligence community and the president to cover it all up even to this day. Why were Ruth and Michael Paines income tax returns top secret? And why did Oswald live with them, lone nuts don’t live with people like that, but CIA agents do.

  4. The Mob left and Los Angelinos took over. I think it was better when the Mob ran it …parking was free and they kept the violence mostly among their own.

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