Abandoned – Fontainebleau Las Vegas

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On the North End of the iconic, Las Vegas Strip sits a massive, glass tower higher than any other building down the boulevard. For those who have visited the strip, the sight of this infamous tower has become all too common. Today I wanted to figure out what happened here and how what was supposed to be a new resort brand failed miserably and left a never finished mega casino left abandoned. This is The Drew, or formally known as the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Sun Article – https://vegasinc.lasvegassun.com/business/legal/2011/apr/07/soffer-packer-accused-concealing-fontainebleau-cos/

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  1. Hi I'd really appreciate it if you did a video on all the financing methods in the hotel industry, how easy it is to get and examples of how some people were able to get finance for their hotels from nothing. I don't think there's any video on youtube about this

  2. Drunk me was walking the strip and noticed this building. It was May 2019 (Punk Rock Bowling). I Thought this was actively being worked on and it said Fall of 2019 😅

  3. Jake, you do amazing work telling the story if these amazing abandoned pieces of history and u love watching these! Have you ever thought about doing one on Buckhorn Baths in Mesa AZ? It's our Cactus League history and so sad to see it deteriorating

  4. At this time in 2021, with no opening in sight, how much aging has this property experienced? Way too much. The building does look amazing! I would definitely visit there when it opens. 😀

  5. Bad timing + a suit and tie wearer (disguised as a businessman) + again bad timing = well, what we have right now. Sad.
    Could have been (and may still be) an excellent project.

  6. when narrating you need to remember that youcantkeeptalkingasifwordsareallonelongsentencewheninfacthereare S P A C E S between them that demand short pauses between speaking those words. also you cant just drop off at the end it overemphasizes what you are trying to communicate and makes it hard to focus on what youre actually saying.

  7. If you're looking for a soap opera worthy hotel story you should look into the Ridpath Hotel in Spokane, WA. Also the Davenport Hotel in the same city, which has finally been revived, but sat empty and decaying for years before a local developer risked much of his portfolio to bring it back to life.

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