AAPI leader reacts to alleged Asian hate attack on the Las Vegas Strip

The wave of recent violence against the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders community is now hitting closer to home. Police have arrested a woman for allegedly hitting a 6-year-old Asian American boy on the Las Vegas Strip earlier this month.



  1. Can we just knock off the race baiting. You guys are the center of the problem. I've had several threats against me for being white since early last year. Just stop. We all bleed the same. The media caused this. You also have the power to stop it.

  2. The left has been pushing this narrative for a while now, and every time the left pulls the race card, they have their own agenda that never seems to benefit said race.
    Being how the left is so concerned about Asian equality, it's interesting that high ranking democrats have so few Asian colleagues.

  3. Wtf people, why can't you just leave ppl alone! Back in 2007 I was in a terrible accident, keep in mind I'm very white!!! I was flown to hospital trauma centre, where the Dr that saved my life was Muslim, the nurse that stayed by my side was black and the rehab lady was Chinese, not of these people, ever complained that I was white and they had to help me, not one of these people ever judged me or put me down or gave up on me! These 3 woman saved my life, and asked nothing in return, and not one of them was white! Enough is enough! We all come from planet earth! We all bleed red and we all cry tears! Imagine if Dr heifa refused to work on me cuz I was white, imagine if my black nurse refused to give me pain meds when the pain was unbearable. Imagine if the world could all just get along!!

  4. This is disgusting-what kind of sick person attacks a child? But I keep seeing articles about black children getting assaulted and cussed out, so I’m not surprised.

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