1. I’m a regular at Luxor and have stayed in the pyramid rooms as well as the tower. I enjoy spending time during each visit at that end of the strip. It’s quiet down there and the resorts are unique. Between Mandalay and Excalibur you have a little bit of everything.

  2. The place is an absolute dump now. The rooms are awful; they furniture in the room is the same as it was 20 years ago. Want room service? Not available after 3pm. It's a low budget mess these days. Too bad. It was once an amazing place.

  3. What about the people that died there. I remember that a worker got killed. When it was being built. I was staying at the Excalibur, with my friend & his family.

  4. Worked up the attractions level mostly ushering the Midnight Fantasy show and the other attractions before things got changed up. Blue Man Group did 5 years downstairs in The
    Luxor Theater 1200 seat sell outs on most nights. In 2005 they moved to the Venetian from there the Monte Carlo and Back to the luxor. The theater they are at now used to be an Imax motion simulator ride called "In search of the obelisk" Thanks for bringing back the memory of working there.

  5. Don't you think it smells weird, Matt? Look, Your walk through is awesome and I absolutely love it and I've been to luxor multiple times, But doesn't the smell bother you?

  6. The first time I went to Vegas was in 1995… I stayed at the Luxor and LOVED it!!! ☺ I loved the Nile River Ride they had… I wish they would've kept it! I've stayed there 3 times and loved it every time ♥♥♥

  7. I’m excited cause we are gonna stay here come November. It’s been on my bucket list a long time and it will be my first visit to Vegas. It’s too bad the Egyptian theme isn’t used much

  8. ROFL
    Mlife executives: "What should we do with our HUGE pyramid and Pharoah?"
    Mlife executives: "E-SPORTS!!"
    Mlife executives: "Brilliant lets take all the Egyptian shit out of here"
    Mlife executives: "But sir what about the massive pyramid and Pharoah?"
    Mlife executives: "E-SPORTS!!"

  9. I like to play the coin slots, like the good old days when I used to work in Reno. I like your video’s, blogs, vlogs, clogs, as long as there’s no smogs or gulogs, I grew up in an analog age and am easily confused with the new language, I like your movie’s anyway. Bob

  10. My first ever trip to Vegas in 1996 I stayed at Luxor. Didn't realise how new it was at the time. I really miss it. Thanks so much for this Matt.

  11. I always enjoy your walkthrough and memories vlogs and once again you delivered a hit, fantastic. I always wondered how long the queue for the boats were, what a nightmare lol

  12. Love the intro! Love the history and the time lapse of the construction. The Luxor has always been one of my favorites. I have enjoyed staying and playing there. I have often heard people putting it down, but I have always liked it. We have stayed in the tower and the pyramid, but I definitely like the pyramid rooms – like you said, because of the experience. I did not know about the boat ride…that would have been awesome! But, yeah…no one would want to wait that long after getting to Vegas! I have eaten at the buffet in The Luxor and it was not too bad. This video is making me want to hurry back to Vegas. I do miss it. I have never won much in the Luxor, but I did win a Jackpot at Excalibur for $4400 while playing Reef of Riches during RocktOberfest last year!! Fun time! Enjoyed the Video! Glad you made it back to Vegas, finally!

  13. Do you remember or have you seen at the Luxor when it first opened the Valet gentlemen were dressed in full Egyptian gear? It was amazing to see. The river ride was also so cool. The building took more than one construction company to complete, the light at the top could be seen in space and they had to build an apparatus to wash the glass on the outside of pyramid. It was fabulous back then. Las Vegas was so amazing then.

  14. I remember the 3D ride they had too. " In Search of the Obelisk" I believe it was called. It was on the mezzanine level. My wife and I went on it. Anyway, excellent walkthrough and like everyone else, love the history!

  15. 93 days to go, wooohooo – staying at the Luxor (again) and your video has just raised the excitement level another notch or two. Give me the 'themed' casinos any day in preference to the new style of glass, chandeliers and lack of soul or atmosphere! Thanks for another great video!

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