1. Nice memory of your friend😊. I like seeing old Vegas….watch the old Burt Reynolds movie
    Heat. He walks around all the old properties and is a degenerate gambler in the movie. It’s one of my favorites. 👍

  2. I love all your videos Matt. Fantastic thank you so much! I'm sitting here watching and my dog is attentive and watching as well. We adore you Suzanne and the dogs. Thanks for this fantastic walk through of Circa. I haven't been yet. Some day

  3. I was sure sad to see the demolition of Vegas club, that was me and my husbands favorite place to say. The stories we have! Lol. So fun. But circa is beautiful! We just had a stay back in September. We decided to try out The D. Great hotel and guest service. But wow, the girls who work the long bar outside were completely rude! Attitude, they were in a conversation when me and husband walked up, it was dead. They acted like we interrupted their time. Gave us nasty looks, didn’t smile, practically threw our drinks at us. But total 180 at circa. So nice! Loved it. Can’t wait to get back. Love Vegas!

  4. I really like watching your videos from your times in Vegas. You must get frequent flyer miles and cheaper room stays. Good entertainment and you even have your own street, how good does it get, I have the same basic attitude as you about Vegas gambling, how’s the Basset?

  5. I think this is one of your best Walkthrough Videos. The resort looks absolutely amazing, do think the pool stadium maybe a bit too much man/sports bar culture for the missus though lol. Casino looks totally epic, hopefully i get there next year after this years cancellation. Thanks Mattt… look forwards to the rest of the walththrough collection.

  6. Thank you for the walkthrough. My partner and I are taking our first trip to Vegas in November and decided on the Circa, for some on the reasons you touched on. It looks inviting with lots a charm.

  7. Loved this, and super excited to be stopping here first in December!

    Great video as always Matt. Hopefully catch you over Xmas or the NY in Vegas for a beer 🙂

  8. Counting the days til I fly out on December 3rd, your vlogs are just the thing to keep my spirits up! I love going there round xmas time anyway but having received a mountain of comp offers in the last 18 months this trip will be even better than usual 🙂

    Wow, it isn't cheap for basic rooms there! Plugged in a few different dates for December and the cheapest price for a bog standard room was $173 + $29.95 Resort Fee.

  9. I like the fact that there are a LOT of lounge chairs in the pool area. In the strip hotels, all the chairs are taken by 10 AM. By the way Matt, next time please show us the rooftop bar, I heard the view is fabulous from there.

  10. As always Matt a great vlog to watch and awesome walk through. I'm booked for mid December to go back, been a long 2 years for sure for so many and Circa is top of list of must visits.
    Really hopes I gets to have a drink with you in December as missed you 3 times by a day or so last several times I've been. What's the actual dates for you?
    Thanks again for all the works you put into these 👍🍻

  11. Another knockout vlog Matt – omg I can't wait to get back to Vegas! Circa is top of my must do list – it looks amazing. Keep up the sterling work Mr B 🇬🇧 Much appreciated 😁

  12. I'm sure you're glad that Biden has now officially opened up the USA from November 8th! Enjoy your trips; I'm really jealous but at least I have your vlogs to look forward to. Great work.

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