A complete guide to the BEST FREE THINGS in LAS VEGAS

This is a COMPLETE LIST of FREE activities on the Las Vegas strip. Enjoy Vegas without breaking the bank!
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Many people think of Las Vegas as a place where people go to lose their paychecks. Not us! We’ve figured out how to “hack” the Las Vegas strip and it’s now a budget destination for us. After going here for almost 4 years together, we’ve compiled this list In this of over 40 of the absolute BEST things you can do for FREE on the Las Vegas Strip.

We also met up with another YouTuber, SayHiToMatthew, who shared some of his favorite free things in Las Vegas! Check out Matthew’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_g_vFM4IlTSmWc1Ki_aY9g. We made a guest appearance in his Las Vegas vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KsIvbmaUpU

Included in this video are such free sights and activities like:
– Getting free access to the highest floors of two Las Vegas strip hotels
– Which casinos have the best performers, shows, shopping, and ambiance
– Where you can take the coolest photos (for free!) on the Las Vegas strip

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  1. Hey Guys, I had a great idea to make another video….but its in Vegas. Make a video of all the places to view the Las Vegas strip. The Rio Hotel has the Voodoo Lounge at the top. You can see the strip really good. Stratosphere has a great view like you guys had in this video. Just thought with the thousands of people going to Vegas,you might make a video of all the great places to view the strip at night. The top of Paris Effiell tower is another place to view the strip. Some are free and some are not. On top of the High Roller at the Linq has an awesome view too. ok…thanks for all you do. Maddie, i love it when you say GONGGGGGGGG that bell. lol lol You REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY should do that in the beginning and the end of your video to throw people off. I love it!!!!!

  2. Disabled people who frequent Vegas and locals HATE The Wynn and Wynn Encore. They discriminate against people who need a mobility assistance device (scooter or wheelchair) or did in the past.

  3. My wife and I use to stay in the Imperial palace many times as it was in the middle of the strip and we stayed in the Linq Hotel last June 2020. Our first time we visited Las vegas was in 1998 and stayed at the Stardust Hotel. Hello from Scotland.

  4. Really? Saying it’s irresponsible to play games if you are not well versed. That’s so rude! People could be playing dollar table games. Again just plain rude. And really? Your free things are walking around looking at things. That’s free?? Shocking!!!

  5. To on my second trip to Vegas I stayed at the Luxor my problem was I could never find my room. I always had to get housekeeping when I saw them help me find my room. I can find my way to the elevator from the room, but I could not do the reverse.

  6. Going to las vegas for my wife birthday at end of March. I'm really on a tight budget. The hotel was too much on its own. Luckily she's into arts and life. We'll be there's 3 nights
    I think I've found enough to do. I wish I could afford more things 😕

  7. For the record, you can only get the free pizza on you birthday. It is not whenever you want just for signing up. And you still have to make a purchase, which is probably good if you just buy a drink

  8. Great video. Although you briefly mentioned Fremont Street and the light show there, don't forget about the free bands that set up there. You can just go listen to them. (Don't know the current situation with Covid.)

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