24 Hours Staying at the Las Vegas HILTON at Resorts World

Resorts World Hilton Las Vegas Hotel Room Review and Resort Stay for 24 Hours!

WATCH This Resorts World Las Vegas Videos Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyWGeofUmuOleoSRchrV71x8AGJkXPufV

Jaycation returns to Resorts World this time to spend 24 Hours at a Hilton Hotel Room to review it and try out a few new stalls over at Famous Foods Street Eats! We also check out the pool which has a bunch of them including an amazing infinity pool that overlooks the Las Vegas Strip!

Also find out how to save on your next stay at Resorts World Hilton and how technologically advance Resorts World is!

Watch Norma’s Famous Foods Street Eats FULL REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2I_mYAKRUQ

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  1. This will be one of my stays. Never again will I go to the San Diego tribal casinos. All a rip off especially Barona Casino. The worst customer service ever.

  2. For $180 a night I can find much better Vegas hotels than that to be honest. Very dissapointed in what the room looks like. I spend that same amount a night at a Best Western Plus and it looks ten times better

  3. Was just there to check things out with the fam! We enjoyed the street eats- yummy but yes pricey foods — yup your their to spend $$!
    My teen and tween gals were happy to enjoy their meal while listening to kpop songs the dj was playing at street eats. We thought the bathroom next to the speakeasy was cool too! We agree with your dad-Kamusta po!! the parking structure should def be covered and bridge accessible! Risking ones life to dodge cars and cabs coming and going you would think the designers would think about their guests safety and comfort in mind 🤦🏻‍♀️☀️🌦 Hope they see these comments and concerns👍🏼 😬Thanks For all the great info on everything!!! Keep it coming! Pools look awesome! 🙌🏽😁

  4. Rooms are decent, I stayed at the Hilton and it was ok. My only gripe was the fridge which kept my drinks hot. I couldn't plug anything into the TV and wifi was sketchy. Everything in the hotel was overpriced, food and drink.

    After staying at the wynn and and the encore this place was a downgrade.

    I was also here the day after the 4th.

  5. Thanks for the review I enjoyed your video. I will pass on Resorts World. Small rooms, way over-priced food and cashless casino is a turn off for me. Much better accommodations and value on the other side of the strip or downtown.

  6. I felt so relaxed just drinking by the pool this past weekend. If you're not careful they will creep up some minibar charges on you. I loved the room, but couldn't get the TV to link to my phone.

  7. This is the most in depth review of the room and amenities of the room. Well done.

    Off peak rates are not that bad. NOOOOO they have dispensers, so sketchy I don't trust them.

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