22 Top Las Vegas Attractions You Can't Miss | Best Things to do in Las Vegas

No matter your interest, Las Vegas has an attraction for everyone. Here are 22 top Las Vegas Attractions that I’ve personally been to and enjoyed.

This list doesn’t even come close to mentioning all the Vegas attractions, so let me know what your favourite is in the comment section below.

✔️ #1 Las Vegas Sign
✔️ #2 Neon Museum
✔️ #3 Seven Magic Mountains
✔️ #4 Fremont Street
✔️ #5 Red Rock Canyon
✔️ #6 Bellagio Conservatory
✔️ #7 Fall of Atlantis Show
✔️ #8 Circus Acts at Circus Circus
✔️ #9 The Strat Skypod & Rides
✔️ #10 Lobby at Wynn
✔️ #11 Gondola Rides at Venetian
✔️ #12 Eiffel Tower at Paris
✔️ #13 Bellagio Fountain Show
✔️ #14 Tipsy Robot
✔️ #15 Attend a Show
✔️ #16 Tram Ride
✔️ #17 Lounge by the Pool
✔️ #18 Shark Reef Aquarium
✔️ #19 Big Apple Coaster at NYNY
✔️ #20 Drink on the Strip
✔️ #21 Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo
✔️ #22 Explore Hotels & Casinos

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  1. I’ve been to Vegas and I don’t like gambling, but I LOVE IT there. The area has the 5th most hiking trails per capita in the country. There is also so much sporting going on with Allegiant Stadium for the Raiders, Tenet Stadium for professional tennis, tons of golf, hiking, off-roading, and music.

  2. I might not come to vegas again due to being so disrespected. no body ever though of my emotions about being sexual pda sufferer due to I am fat caused by stresses mainly by sonic boom, rattling sport car where my neighbor is terrorising me and my family everyday in Los Angeles.

  3. Vegas is huge you will need few days to see all the main attractions. Be sure to boo your hotel in advance as prices tend to change during peak season. Wear best and most comfortable sneakers as you will walk for miles.

  4. You should go to this place that in belligoe i think that how you spell in but there is a nature place but not the like this on the roof the like room of nature things and there is even tons of flowers

  5. Nothing compares to the joy of the night hidden under the curtain of the noise of people roaming the streets

    Let that scene paint a new joy under the imaginary sky of America

  6. Whatever you do Do Not visit the Pinball Hall of Fame!! We went on the recommendation of our Uber driver. The man who owns it is insane. He runs around the place yelling at people and kicking them out. He accused using stealing air hockey games of all things and said he wanted to go in the parking lot and steal from our car! He is totally nuts! Read the reviews on trip advisor- it is a place to avoid for sure!

  7. Nice these places so beautiful. Hope you can visit the top beautiful places in the philippines like i have Pampanga travel you will see there how the beautiful mountain there see yeah💖

  8. I hated the vegas sign. Go to the pinball arcade instead, it's right there by it, you can't miss the giant pinball sign. The painted rocks were way far out of the city and I thought they were pretty lame to be honest.

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