Las Vegas is crazy fun, but make sure you don’t become a victim of these tourist traps, scams, and rip-offs.
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After many trips to the Las Vegas Strip, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about what scams exist, the tourist traps to avoid, and things that are just a downright rip-off.

Many would say that the entire Las Vegas strip is a tourist trap, but that’s not news. After all, Las Vegas casinos are in the business of taking your money. However, there are some aspects of casino games that are quite deceptive. In this Vegas vlog, we show you a couple slot machines to watch out for and let you know some other casino games to avoid.

Other Las Vegas SCAMS & TOURIST TRAPS in this video:
1. Bait and switch Las Vegas scam artists;
2. A terrible Las Vegas show to avoid;
3. Showgirls, cartoon/movie characters, and sexy cowboys on the strip;
4. Las Vegas ATM rip-off;
5. Theft in Las Vegas;
6. Club promoters on the street;
7. Pool parties and nightclubs;
8. Water bottles on the Las Vegas strip;
9. Gambling outside of the casino;
10. And 5 more!

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Check out our full Las Vegas video series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_1iJW4YPFcO2dTHm8dnSEvsguckca4k6

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  1. just came back from vegas today. biggest scams ive seen so far traveling to a tourist based city. id advice you to not even go. its not what its hyped up to be and EVERYTHING IS OVERPRICED! was there for 3 days and from the first day was counting the other days to go back home

  2. Casino Gambling is NOT A SCAM! You have to be an IDIOT to think you're going to win! Las Vegas was built on the backs of Losers, not winners.
    They invite you in to take your money! With that being said, Know your limits, play and have fun!

  3. I went last year and there were people selling wristbands to raise awareness about something but they have no proof about where the money goes to. They were asking $20 for one wrist band that they probably bought in bulk for $5.

  4. We were at Vegas last week and as we walked down the strip a man dressed up as Captain America started following us and being very friendly to me and my younger brothers. He wouldn’t stop insisting on taking a picture, so we took one and just kept walking. After that he started chasing us with a very rude tone saying we had to pay $5 plus the tip. We weren’t carrying almost any money, so my dad tossed $3 at him and we speed walked away😂

  5. What I learned traveling to Vegas…bring a backpack with you to store food and water because…there's no water in Vegas! Plus the water in Vegas in funneled in and is terrible! Wear walking shoes on the strip…buildings are FAR AWAY from each other!

  6. Vegas , spelled S-C-A-M ,,, last time I was there ' 91 with my ex-girl , tremendous fun … we went there memorial and Labor Day , but I will never go back ,… good news for Vegas cuz I have no bucks for that location ,,….

  7. My buddy who played in the nfl told me that if the avg person wants to have a genuinely great time in Vegas be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars. This vid basically confirms that lol

  8. I didn’t watch the video, but timeshares… are a scam.
    I remember visiting the Pawn Stars shop, and I was lured into a separate building upstairs by a lady with a good pitch.
    She shut the door, and I was in a building her and an older woman.
    It was shady as hell.
    I told them flat out that I didn’t trust them.
    She knew it.
    I left.
    It was weird.

  9. When I was on a road trip and we stopped in vegas at a dog friendly hotel, booked it online through an app that "plainly stated all fees" and said nothing about fees regarding dogs when we got there she charged me a 200$ dog deposit fee ontop of the room and 35$ fee for internet and such. I was exhausted so I took it but I guess It has to say dog friendly AND no fees are included not just dog friendly definitely changed my list of hotel choices.

  10. 1985 Las Vegas, 79 cents 2 egg and toast breakfast, $3.99 prime rib dinner, $1 Corona beers, $1 shrimp cocktail, floor show with 2 drinks $24, Circus Circus brunch $3.50, every item you can imagine, Good old days. Get a Yetti and fill it yourself with water.

  11. We just had a great experience with a cab driver! He rescued us from the Fremont construction Duce pickup and took us right to our hotel. No bogus stops or routes taken. Cab recommended from me!

  12. Definitely Las Vegas is not a place for you guys that’s a place to “gamble” and is a very expensive place everything that is wonderful has its price if you don’t want to spend money don’t go to Las Vegas I mean where else can you take a picture with a beautiful lady for 5 bucks is the city of sin what do you spect ???

  13. Walked across that same spot at MGM and someone was selling water didn’t buy but thought 1$ was a good deal. Scam or no scam he was making money.

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