11 Things to do on the LAS VEGAS STRIP 2021 (that aren't partying or gambling)

This week, Martín and I take on the Las Vegas Strip! We are showing you the top things to do on the Las Vegas Strip that aren’t partying or gambling! So sit back, relax, and enjoy our Las Vegas travel vlog. What should we do in Las Vegas next time we visit?

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  1. What has surprised me the most about Las Vegas is that the “las Vegas” that people visit is way smaller than I imagine, I’ve done so much in 6 days including visiting The Valley of fire and the Grand Canyon, not directly in Las Vegas but around the area

  2. WOW!!!!! Awesome video guys! Good job. Excellent editing job too. So I had an idea you could do for a video. Best places in vegas to view the Strip at night. Rio Hotel top floor is the Voodoo lounge. You can step outside on the balcony and get a super view of the strip. There has to be many more. I think the Paris Eiffel Tower is another place but I think its a few bucks. Anyway, could make for a great video. So many tourists are wanting things to do in Vegas that don't cost much. What are your thoughts? 🙂

  3. I'll show you the real Las Vegas…you're seeing a fraction of the realness that's this town…you need to see it from the perspective of someone who's seen every nook and crany (Sp?) in this town. Hit me up next time!

  4. I went to Vegas in June and spent 5 days there, on our second day we got a bus pass which was a good deal just sucked at stopping a bunch but we still walked 99 miles that trip. It was insane but so much fun!

  5. Great Video! My wife and I went with some friends in Early June this year and had a blast! We stayed in the Bellagio and you are totally correct on the walking aspect! Thanks for sharing this ideas, I know we will go again so these are good to know for future trips! I Subbed!

  6. AHHH okay youu are literally a lifesaver, i’m going to Vegas this week and me and my mom didn’t have updates about the hotels and everything but you saved our butts 😅 THANK YOUU <3

  7. I’m 15 and I’ve been twice in Las Vegas, i looove that place, i was suppose to visit again this fabulous place on September but unfortunately I can’t travel to the United States until April 2022, so if you are reading this and you are visiting Las Vegas, enjoy every second in there ☺️💜

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