🚨LIVE in LAS VEGAS 🤡FREAKMONT FRIDAY🤡 “Let’s Partyyy”🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 #NFL

Today is #Freakmont Friday, which means we will be walking through #Fremont experience. We will be streaming the awesome #Bands that will be playing there. We will also be grabbing some #Drinks sometime through the stream so we can spice up the vibes for the party place called Fremont. Come join us to see a great experience that you don’t have to be at in real life. Feel free to ask any #questions about #LasVegas or even about us if you have some. With the help of you guys, we spice up the stream with #challenges from you guys sent from super chats. We will try to complete any super chat challenges that you guys may have related to the stream. Either if you lurk or are active in chat you will have a blast in our lit streams. If you enjoy the stream make sure you smash that like button and turn on notifications for upcoming LIVE streams.
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