🔴10 HANDPAY JACKPOTS LIVE from Resorts World Las Vegas!!!

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  1. Lady Luck – Originally put in $5000 then another $1200 and then another $1200, total winnings was $23,237.00 in this video. So take out the $7400 that lady luck put in leaves $15.837 left which lady luck put back in. Maybe new Nick name should be Cursed or Bad Luck Gambler. This shows the slot machine always wins no matter what your called and maybe need to seek help and join Gamblers Anonymous.

  2. Lady Luck, we'll never agree on if a handpay is always a jackpot but this was a perfect example. How is winning $2,000 on a $100 bet a jackpot. That would be like saying anytime you bet $2 and win $40 that's a jackpot, same ratio. We'll be having this debate for years to come.

  3. Hello LL from Australia, our COVID situation here is New South Wales is in complete lockdown as the
    highest infection and death rates are their , with over 1200 infected cases daily, 35 deaths.
    Masks are mandatory if you go outside,.
    Here in Western Australia we have been in complete boarder closure for 2 yrs life is open
    and functional which is brilliant.
    Have to ask was hubby just be sarcastic in the beginning of the stream, when hubby referred to someone’s
    handle as tucker carlson as the voice of the people that was sarcasm right?

    Hope for brilliant luck going forward.

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